Here at Shepherd Valley we have 38 acres of agricultural land: our school buildings on the inner campus, sports and community fields, the shady cottonwoods to the north, three main fields in the surrounding area which include Everybody Eats managed farm to the west. We are delighted to announce our new biodynamic farm manager, Jason Griffith, from Aspen Moon farm. 

Boulder Valley Farm and Orchard LLC

Boulder Valley Farm and Orchard’s (BVFO) is Shepherd Valley's biodynamic farm, managed by Jason Griffith of Aspen Moon farm. Our farm takes a holistic approach to our land and including the farm, natural spaces and school campus. We provide educational opportunities for students and the public. We incorporate animals in many aspects of our work and we strive to provide free-range living conditions and organic feed for all animals. BVFO works in partnership with Aspen Moon Farm and Everybody Eats to develop and implement a five-year plan revitalizing 30 acres of land at Shepherd Valley Waldorf. This revitalization will include natural areas. insectaries, orchard, pond, irrigation infrastructure, USDA farming relationships and cultivated fields as well as educational opportunities, demonstration farming, community and other farming partnerships.


Aspen Moon


At Aspen Moon, we build incredible landscapes and grow delicious produce!  We are proud to say that we approach our landscaping and farming 100% naturally, no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or anything questionable. We are committed to using the most sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.  We use quality local materials, reuse plastic pots and trays, recycle/reuse landscape materials like concrete and the list goes on.  Our landscaping business is known for its use of native plant material, subsurface drip irrigation and quality materials.  At the farm, we practice Biodynamic farming and old-fashioned holistic methods. Owner-Operator Jason Griffith has over 10 years experience operating a landscape company in Boulder County.  


Everybody Eats CSA

Everybody Eats! is a Colorado non-profit organization that promotes socially, ecologically and financially sustainable agriculture through their flagship program, the Farmer Cultivation Center (FCC).  The mission is to increase the access to locally grown, affordable, organic produce for the community at large, and to link individuals with economic opportunity, business knowledge, overall support and nutritious food by increasing involvement within the local food system.  Increasing the access to locally grown, nutritious foods within Boulder County’s population is the first step to creating a just and fair food system that provides healthy food choices and economic resilience. Support our farmers and our school!

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Black Cat

The Black Cat Farm to Table Bistro has tended our land at Shepherd Valley for many years.

Thank you for all your hard work!

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