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As part of the Waldorf Curriculum, eurythmy provides the student with the opportunity to learn coordination, spatial awareness, concentration, self-awareness, presence of mind, active listening and the ability to move harmoniously with others. Students practice these skills in community though a movement that has been seen as healing and strengthening. Eurythmy is a beautiful, harmonious movment that uses the human body as the instrument to express the spoken word or the musical sound. performance of where the wild things are

In the Pre-School through lower elementary grades the children imitate the eurythmy teacher as stories poems and legends are recited and music is played on various instruments. The focus is on moving harmoniously together and gracefully as an individual.

In the upper elementary grades, the exercise forms increase in complexity. Exercises require the individual move differently than others in the group. The students begin following patterns drawn on the board and precision, harmony and grace are called for.


In the Middle School Eurythmy lessons encourage the students to experiment and contribute their own artistic ideas in regard to the curriculum.  Lessons are intended to reinforce the main lesson work.  Parallel with geometry lessons, various geometrical form metamorphoses are practiced.  These exercises encourage the student's growing capacity for orientation and abstraction and cultivate social awareness.

Rhythm, rod and symmetry exercises support recreating coordination. All exercises must involve coordination of sequences and attention to accuracy.  In Seventh and/or Eighth Grade, the modes expressing spatial and soul elements are combined in longer dramatic or humorous poems, which will be performed to the school community.  In connection to European history, the students will learn a variety of folk dances and they will be exposed to music from European cultures.





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