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Nature preschools and kindergartens: Getting kids moving-and learning (The Boston Globe: Oct 31, 2013)

Parenting in the Age of Digital Technology: A National Survey
Making a Case For Teaching Handwriting
Waldorf's 4th Graders Gain Insight From Media Fast
The Daily Blessing of the Older Child in the Kindergarten
Raising Successful Children

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Videos on Waldorf Education and Rudolf Steiner:
Videos on Waldorf Education by Eugene Schwartz
Videos on Waldorf Education
from the Waldorf School of New Orleans
Why Waldorf? by Marin Waldorf School
The Gift of Learning by The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship
The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner a documentary trailer
The Art of Academics by Kimberton Waldorf School

Shepherd Valley Waldorf School in the news:
Boulder County Business Report
One Action, One Boulder Highlights: Including Shepherd Valley's Scholarships
Longmont Times Call: FaRe on the Farm
One Action, One Boulder County Newsletter
Daily Camera: Shepherd Valley Waldorf School Cookbook Dishes Up Healthful Food
Daily Camera: Video
The Examiner: A Waldorf Education at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School
Healthy Recipes

Childhood Well Being:
Soil Health and Human Health
Active Children Get Best Marks
Research into Resilience
Why Waldorf Works from a Neuroscientific Perspective

The Importance of Warmth
Sensory Nutrition
Balance, Posture and Movement

Developmentally appropriate academics: Early Childhood:
The Harry Potter Effect: Slow and Steady Still Wins the Race
A Research-Based Case for More Play and Less Pressure in Preschool
The Death of Preschool
Kids Haven’t Changed, Kindergartens Have
Who Are You Calling a Princess?
Fairy Tales in Waldorf Education

Developmentally appropriate academics: Lower Grades:
Summer-born Struggle: Why August Children Suffer at School
School Odds Stacked Against Summer Babies

Language Arts:
Teaching Our Children to Read, Write and Spell: Part 1, Part 2
Proper Pencil Grip
Writing by Hand Better for Learning, Study Shows
Does Early Education Work?
Delayed Reading in Private Schools
Research Finds No Advantage in Learning to Read from Age Five
There’s More to Reading Than Meets the Eye
Storytelling as a Healing Art
How Handwriting Trains the Brain

A Home-Life that Supports Children with Math at School

As Science Turns Its Attention to Feeling
Child Development and the Teaching of Science

Thoughts on Education:
Changing Education Paradigms
Waldorf Education in Public Schools
The Children Who Can't Form a Sentence
The New Humanism
What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?

Alliance for Childhood: Play Fact Sheet
Alliance for Childhood: Research and Advocacy
Old Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills
Clock Change Stops Outdoor Play
Family Happiness and the Overbooked Child
Play Gains Momentum
Let Them Play
Old Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills
Dial Down Summer Time

The role of the arts in education:
Music and Art are Instrumental in a Healthy Education

Childhood Screen Time
Violent articles DO alter your brain
Help a Grandma Out: How to Communicate Your Media Gift Rules This Holiday
The Impact of Different Types of Television on Young Children's Executive Function
Using Technology to Teach
Technology in the Classroom?
TV Limits for Children
SpongeBob May Cause Attention, Learning Problems
Cartoons Characters on Food Boxes Turn Tots into Naggers
The Kids Are Not All Right
Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

Do Schools Kill Creativity?
Creativity Crisis

Perspectives on testing:
High-Stakes Testing