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Tuition Assistance Social Standards
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Please read the social standards below.

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Social Standards
Grant decisions require a certain amount of social standard setting.  Just as Shepherd Valley stretches to offer an excellent education with limited financial and human resources, we ask parents to stretch too, and be willing to place Waldorf education in a place of high priority within their finances. There are no hard and fast rules, but the grant decisions will reflect what the TA Committee sees of the priorities a family sets.  Many families forego new cars, investments, vacations, summer camps and house cleaners, in addition to choosing to live in places with a lower cost of living in order to focus on supporting their children’s education.  We cannot ignore the impact of parents’ choices on their ability to pay tuition.  We generally try to support families who genuinely cannot afford to pay full tuition.  However, we do not want to subsidize lifestyle choices. 

Additionally, we encourage parents to think long term and begin to plan how they will be able to increase the percentage of tuition they pay each year.

Because of Shepherd Valley's limited resources, we do require both parents to contribute towards tuition, whether from one or more households. For example, in separated or divorced families, in order for the family to be considered for Tuition Assistance, we require that either a) both parents complete the FACTS paperwork, or b) the single parent provide legal verification of his/her status as sole financial provider.

We make every effort to support families when their income is lower than it could be because one parent stays at home with a young child.  However, when all the children in the home are in First through Eighth Grade, the expectation is that both parents make a meaningful contribution to the family’s income.  Barring extenuating circumstances, the TA Committee will make a standard income adjustment in cases where there is not a second income in a family with two healthy, capable parents. 

I agree with the social standards and am committed to their intent.